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Corporate Identity

Think of any big brand and their logo and corporate image will undoubtedly spring to mind. It’s the face, the signature and the values of a company all rolled into one. Done well and it is as powerful as a friendly, familiar handshake from someone you will never forget. Left undone and you may feel like nobody knows you even exist; done badly and you may wish they hadn’t bothered.

At Initial Design, we specialise in helping you to produce a powerful logo and corporate image that will get you recognised and remembered by the people that matter. Relevant to your products, services, ethics and standards, your logo will be a mark of your professionalism and a sign of your success. Our strapline suggestions will also help you define a memorable catchphrase that reflects what you do and why you do it so well.

By transferring your logo and strapline to branded letterheads, business cards, brochures, web site, packaging and vans, you can project a consistent corporate image that maximises your promotional potential and underpins a sense of credibility and reliability.

There’s more to a brand than a logo though, and when you choose Initial Design you’ll receive the consisitency across the board that really makes your brand image strong. From font size to white space, we’ll create and maintain a brand identity that is powerful, instantly recognisable, and memorable.

Whether you are looking to set up in business or to re-brand in the light of business growth and change, our experience of working with blue chip companies in the healthcare, pharmacy, medical and other commercial sectors, ensures we can deliver the very best branding advice at a price accessible to all.

To see samples please view our Corporate Branding portfolio.

To discuss logo design, straplines, copywriting or corporate identity, please contact our graphic design team at our Nottinghamshire office on 01773 811155 or email